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Uniden SQ590 Videocipher


  • C/Ku Fully Integrated Receiver/Descrambler - Tune in either C band or Ku band for over 200 channels of entertainment.
  • Color On-Screen Display - A variety of on-screen menus directs you through all of the receiver functions. Simple one button menu selection allows for easy movement through screens.
  • Auto Program - Simply program the first two satellites and Auto Program finishes the rest.
  • 160 Favorite Channels - Up to 160 favorite channels can be instantly recalled for easy access. All channels can be changed or updated at any time.
  • Direct Satellite Access - You can move to a satellite directly by entering the satellite's abbreviation and number.
  • 55 Satellite Positions - These satellites are preprogrammed for fast and easy access.
  • VCR Timer - Combined with your VCR, this feature allows you to easily program your satellite receiver for upcoming events.
  • Parental Lock (Channel Lock) - Allows you to lock out undesired channels from viewing.
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Uniden ust 9900 videocipher II descrambler equipped Stereo satelite receiver


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